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  2. Hi pappabear Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  3. I am new to Aquaponics even though I have been checking on it for years. Thanks for the add!
  4. Hi all Today is the first "Global Recycling Day" INTRODUCING GLOBAL RECYCLING DAY 2018 An initiative of the Bureau of International Recycling cheers
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  6. I doubt he knows what comes out of Norway as well ? Trump need to be careful wishing for more Norwegians to emigrate to America. More social democrats means America would be likely to have national health care and tuition-free public college in a decade or two. cheers
  7. Hi PNWuA I think you'll get more responses by posting a build thread in the member system section, with as many details possible, to get the "best" advice. That will also be of more help to other members, looking for the same. To your Q I would say the smallest pump from, our site sponsor (Allied Aqua) would do. I would recommend plowing thru some of the earlier threads on the topic, like this cheers
  8. **Update** I now have. 20 gallon fish tank and have two Manson mixing tubs that I will be usuing as my flood beds any recommendation on what size pump I’ll need for this small set up the beds will not be very far above the tank so I don’t think I’ll need much lift but I’m unsure of what size pump I’ll need at this point
  9. How many of you knew the last time we had a trade war on a global basis is it was followed by the Great Depression? Experts say it my not have been the entire reason for the GD but it sure contributed to it. Look up the Smoot Hawley Act if you want to read more.
  10. He's an idiot that has the attention span of a toddler. He knows nothing about economics and lies on a daily basis. We might as well have elected Joe Blow down he street. Well actually we might have done better with Joe Blow. Businessman? We have a "businessman" that has filed bankruptcy at least 6 times as our president now. God help us. And we don't even know how much he's worth as although he promised to release his tax returns during the campaign, we've seen nothing. As far as we know he could be on the verge of bankruptcy again or owes millions to people like Russian oligarchs. His son in law the son of a convicted felon does.
  11. Hi all cheers note: you can change/set subtitles
  12. Another day of weekend fun for kids fishing FRESH TILAPIA! It was day #2 for them. These Chitralada stain Nile tilapia are our own babies bred and raised locally in aquaponics at NARDC Nanniode. Aquaponics fish have little in common with their wild brethren growing in stagnant mud ponds. These clean-tasting high quality tilapia are unpolluted with synthetic chemicals and more importantly have an appealing and delicate flavor. Kids in aquaponics that make today's lunch exciting again..
  13. That reminds me of the joke. A plane was about to crash there were 4 passengers on board but only 3 parachutes. The first passenger gets up and says 'I'm Steph Curry, the best NBA basketball player...The Warriors and my millions of fans need me I can't afford to die.".... He took the first pack and left the plane... The next passenger gets up and says "I'm Donald Trump, the newly elected U.S. President and I'm the smartest president in American history, my people don't want me to die"...He took the 2nd pack and jumped out the plane... The 3rd passenger, the Pope said to the 4th passenger, a 10 year old schoolboy" My son, I am old and don't have many years left, you have many mores years ahead of you, so I will sacrifice my life and let you have the last parachute" The little boy said "That's OK your Holiness...There's a parachute for you....America's smartest president just took my school bag" Ande, You are onto the exact same stuff I'm on about Hey Rav, interesting list...I'm not so sure Donald Trump is particularly successful either, considering the silver spoon he had in his mouth growing up and upon his inheritance. Cheers..
  14. Hi again BD You forgot to include Mexico in that list Anyhow, if The D. chooses to put a general tariff on steel & aluminum, the EU (and other) will retaliate, and we will all as consumers loose with a trade war. EU have the US targets ready to roll. Quote from here : The focus would most likely be on agricultural produce including tomatoes and potatoes. Giving Harley-Davidson a rough ride? But according to the report, tariffs might also be slapped on motorcycle imports. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung said EU officials had mentioned the possibility of imposing a tariff on Harley-Davidson imports from Wisconsin, the home of House Speaker Paul Ryan. They also mentioned a possible tariff on bourbon from Tennessee and Kentucky, the home of longtime Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Some items on the list of possible EU tariffs were put there during the last big trade dispute between the EU and the United States under former President George W. Bush. But many parts of the list have been altered since to reflect changing realities. Quote end. We will see, according to the D. trade war is "good" and are "easy to win" And keep in mind the president called himself a “very stable genius” and called being “really smart” one of his greatest assets. cheers
  15. Hi Ande, Ha,ha,ha Very good, I don't even think this one is with China, although confusingly, Trump blames them Most of the imports come from Canada, Brazil and South Korea. Cheers.
  16. Hi BD cheers
  17. Hi vkn I agree, I was thought how to like/enjoy fish in the same manner, and I'w passed that on to my kids as well. I do include participation in cleaning/dressing & cooking the catch. I remember how exciting it was to fry the fish on a bonfire, with my father & grandpa. Eating the fish with our fingers (learning the anatomy) to clean out all/any bones. Pretending we where living in the wilderness having to do this to survive. Grate childhood adventure memories I'w done that with all my kids, and they are all fond of fish (eating/catching). This fall(August) I'm gonna be a grandfather my self, and I really look forward to copy my grandpa on this, and a load of other matters. My own father died before any of my kids came along so they never had the grandpa experience. cheers
  18. Weekend fun! First fish catch by my kids using spinning wheel fishing kit..Boys A1 and A2 working together caught 10 fish for the lunch in 30 minutes from the aquaponics fish culture tanks.. A3 had no luck at this time and wants to go to a nearby dam or river for fishing this vacation but was curious and had good fun! Kids love aquaponics maybe because they look at fish as their pets. Fish is low in fat, high in protein and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Once they are taught how to fishing, hooking them to eating fish regularly becomes easier. That's what I think. Your thoughts!
  19. Hey Bigdaddy, Our economy has suffered almost every time a "businessman" has become president. The job of promoting welfare of a country is almost a complete opposite of the mindset of running a business. I found this article interesting. Businessman presidents.
  20. Hi folks, What's with Donald Trump and his advisors? He wants to whack a 25 percent tax on all imported steel for the sake of a few american steel jobs???? How does that work? The battered stock market reacted negatively to this news. Whack a 25 percent tax on imported steel and what's the first thing steel suppliers in the U.S. will do? I'll answer that...They will increase the price of steel to the consumer...Let's talk about only one industry...The Automotive industry...What's going to happen to the price of producing cars? What are they going to do? So this will put the jobs of all those car workers at risk... OK lets take another industry...Construction....And on we go... And retaliatory measures will hurt... For a wealthy business man to think a tax like this will solve things, one wonders.... Hasn't he seen recent history when President Bush did the same and within 2 years the tax was removed? Anyway, I'm not involved in U.S politics...What do others think? Cheers
  21. Hey Phri and Ande, I appreciate the responses... Unfortunately, the tanks are all made of concrete and I'm afraid converting it to a MCR would be a little costly. Do you think there'd be a way of doing it without the drainage hole? Maybe creating circular motion with some type of hydraulic motion? I'll see if I can't get some photos of the system so it'd be easier to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks again, Pete
  22. Very vise move, you wouldn't want the situation to develope, like that of Mogadishu, Somalia. They now carry sharks in the inner City streets. Women is advised to avoid certain downtown areas, or to carry brooms for protection Better be proactive on the potential of shark carry problems There is even the evil shark car bomb cheers
  23. The only way the gubmint is getting mah shark is if they pry it from my cold, dead hands!!!
  25. On aquaponics farm operators.. A sustainable aquaponics farm operator job description could be as follows.. jotted down in a random order of importance. 1. 14-hour work days on Mondays through Sundays (all days).. 4-6 hour break in between the day shift. Redundancy or a fail-safe backup. 2. To participate in most aspects of the aquaponics farm work; including seeding, transplanting, irrigation management, trellising, harvesting, and packing certified sustainable aquaponics produce boxes. 3. Strong work ethic, good attention to detail, and a positive attitude. 4. Physical fitness is not a mandatory requirement (no heavy lifting, so a disabled person or an aged/retired professional can also do a good job) 5. Repetitive integrated pest management (IPM) tasks.. A gram of Prevention (with a capital P) is worth a kilo of cure. The 99% of effective disease/pest management is prevention. The other 1% is careful observation such as to detect the very first signs of a problem and to be prepared (in advance) to respond immediately (keep the problem from becoming a catastrophe). Thanks to Mark for this. 6. Ability to work independently and as part of the team to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. 7. Ability to make decisions and be self-directed when needed. 8. Emotional maturity and respect for self and others. 9. Availability for the entire project duration. This is important too. Add your inputs.. Pictured is Balaji, the aquaponics farm operator at TNJFU Aquaponics Research Complex, Madavaram, Chennai, at the first day of his work.
  26. Hi vkn Best of luck cheers
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