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  2. Hey Guys, Check out this video update to our aquaponics system that my students have entered into the NSF CCIC. I hope you enjoy our video, thanks to Allied Aqua for helping us out with our new Blue tilapia. and a BIG thank you to Helio Spectra for helping us out with our new grow lights! I'm very proud of the hard work my guys have done so far, and can't wait to get 2.0 up and running!~ Aqua2.mp4
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  4. Good to hear from you, Ande. A special thank you for following along! Chronicling is easy. Hope it serves a purpose or maybe not.. I am still in here.
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  6. Hi vkn Thanks for your continuous pics & reports, I really enjoy following your IAVS chronicles cheers
  7. Papaya in aquaponics.. We recently began this commercial yield trial of hybrid red lady papaya in aquaponics sand culture at Nanniode. Twenty papaya seedlings were added in this first trial at a diagonal spacing of 1.2 m x 1.8 m. No changes in the irrigation events or sequences. They are now in matured and established 2-year-old sand filters. They should be ready to harvest during next Ramadhan period and continually for the next 2 years thereafter. More later.
  8. Raising fresh fish is like growing your own food or a cash crop.. you do not need several tens of acres. For today's dinner.. Here is one of our own nile tilapia Chitralada stain babies from the domesticated brood stocks. Nursery rearing helps ensuring consistent production of fry and fingerlings. It is about 4 to 5 months old, now a plate-size fish weighing 250+ grams.
  9. Ande, I am quite aware as my parents and my sister walk two small lap dogs on a daily basis on my property. All our dogs here are walked on a lease and the traps have a bright red flag near them to mark where they are. Everyone stays clear of the traps. Any other dog or cat that comes onto the property is either a feral cat or a dog someone does not have restrained which they are supposed to by law. No liability on my property. BTW all my traps are inside tubes or boxes. Even the small lap dogs would hae trouble getting to them.
  10. You can't expect the donald to know what comes out of a "Shole" country now can you If he could only be informed.
  11. Hi aquacman Welcome to APN/HQ From time to time, this "automation" theme seems to pop up, either in form of a survey like yours, and/or as a post with the "same" type questions eg You might find some useful answers using the forum search function. I used monitor, alert as search therm and got these 6 hits In lack of respons/answers to the survey, and/or in addition to the survey, reading those old threads, and using additional search therms, may help you to collect the needed info, for your bachelor project. Good luck cheers
  12. You are correct! Changed it! Ande your grasp of the English language amazes me!
  13. Hello, we are two students working on developing hydro / aquaponic dashboard and we would appreciate if you could answer this short survey. thanks
  14. Hi Cecil Be aware of the risk to catch pets (cats/dogs), if you set the trap in a pathway or opening above water. Here in Norway, we are obligated to set the trap inside a box/tube, with a max opening radius of 10 centimeter, at the trap entry point, to use them legally above the waterline. cheers edit to add : there is some pics in this doc nedsider for jakt skyting og hund/Last ned jakt/Minkjakt - tips fra SNOs fangsprosjekt på Smøla.pdf
  15. Hi I would call the D. uninformed, rather than misinformed. cheers
  16. Wiley, Thanks for the response and the link. I've been watching for sign in the snow and on the ice and no tracks. We are due for a spring thaw in a week or two so I will be on the look out. I'm gong to probe for old muskrat openings in the bank and set traps in front of them all. Maybe I'll get a mink along with my baited land traps?
  17. Tomatoes everywhere @ Eden Aquaponics.. spinach being harvested as a secondary crop
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  19. Replicating what we do at SVVU Aquaponics unit @ Fisheries Research Station, Sree Venkateswara Veterinary University, Undi, AP.. Based on NARDCs Model 1b design, the protected rain/sun shelter works are now completed.. Phase two works began today. If all goes well as planned, we should be making this operational by March first week. At build area 621 m2, the food production goal from this commercial aquaponics facility is 4-6 tonnes of fresh fish and 15-30 tonnes of organic veggies per annum. The more the merrier.. based on the operator's crop management and IPM skills. More later then.. Thank you for following along and watching our progress!
  20. Hi bp Welcome to APN/HQ I share your doubt of the claim. cheers
  21. Mink are very cunning,smart and notoriously hard to trap. Back in the 1950's I used to trap them and muskrats for their hides,and just about everything we trapped we ate. Times were hard,and with 10 kids on a small farm hunting was a large part of your diet. Nothing was wasted.Especially not ammo.Every shot had to count,so you learned quickly how to shoot straight. Chances are good if you have seen mink,there are probably muskrat around too,they use the same trails and compete for the same resources. If you haven't caught him yet, check out this link for proper traps: Good luck,Wiley!
  22. The info I got stated that the size depends on the size of the container.Larger containers=larger crayfish,with `a 200 gallon producing up to 6Inch critters. I am kinda dubious of this claim. Anyone else tried this? The info I got was from the curator at
  23. No worries Mexico is going to pay for it. "Trust me."
  24. Two more people in the WH resigned due to abuse against women allegations. "Show me your friends and I'll show you who you are." Trump says they are entitled to due process. What does he know about due process? He shoots his mouth off all the time accusing people of things without even a scintilla of evidence. I.e. Obama wasn't born in the U.S., the five blacks accused of assaulting a woman in NYC"s Central Park are guilty even though the DNA didn't match up and someone else confessed to it later, all his false allegations about Hillary Clinton with no proof, and as of late his tirade on Senator Al Franken. And don't forget he came to phedophile Moore's defense. The double standards and hypocrisy are astounding, but then what do we expect of a sociopathic serial liar who really isn't that smart?
  25. Sand magic and fish-powered tomatoes.. While I am here at Nanniode, here is one more picture from our open-field aquaponica trials. We had heavy rains yesterday. Traveling to Andhra tonight, SVVU Aquaponics works are in good progress.
  26. Hi Gotta build a wall somewhere cheers
  27. Harvest from the new variety tomatoes in yield trial is progressing well. Here is what we've got today at Nanniode - fresh vine-ripened aquaponics tomatoes.
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