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  4. Hello I'm new to the whole aquaponics and I have a 55 gallon tank and I was wondering 3 things? #1. How big of a grow bed? #2. How big of a sump tank? #3. what lighting might be recommended for the grow bed?
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  6. Hi again You'll find numerous ibc systems in this pdf cheers
  7. Hi Ricardo Any kind of fishtanks should have some sort of overflow piping mounted at a set maximum water level, the excess water should be directed to a dedicated area. In most european countries there is specific regulations regarding the handling of aquaculture drain water, however a single 1000liter tank will most often be such a small volume so the ordinary sewage may be used. Then there is the water quality changes in your fish tank to consider, the rainwater might be "good", thing but that will depend on the quality. Rainwater can be very polluted depending on location, also it can alter the temperatur rapidly in such small tank. Finally you have to think about safety . Fish might be preyed upon by birds, dogs, cats, mink ............... and more important fish is attracting to kids, that might fall in and drown. Some sort of lid is almost a must, for all the above reasons IMO it will also create shade/cover, which the fish prefer, prevent/reduce alga growth and temp fluctuations during day/night hours We have a real cool Portugise member thread that you might like here enjoy cheers
  8. Hi Ricardo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  9. Hello! I have an aquaponic system in a IBC. In winter, in my country rains a lot and my aquaponic system is uncover. Does anyone have an ibc system without a shelter? Because I think that with rain the fish tank will overflow..
  10. Hello! Im from Portugal and I build an IBC aquaponic system. I subscribe this forum to learn more about this topic.
  11. Fully operational 7800 sq ft greenhouse with mature aquaponic system. See flyer, call text or email if interested. Thanks Mike aquaponicsinfow:o.pdf
  12. Got some turtleponics going.
  13. Hi again As a rule of thumb all the water from the pond should be run thru a filter once an hour minimum, so from the outset you are 14,000 short. So a add on filter (any) is a good idea IMO. I would go back to your first idea, with some sort of settling filter (any) to take out the solids in the water flow . I do think you complicate the process unnecessarily much with all the piping involved, and honestly can't see the point of using a siphon & the eurobox other than the fun of fiddling and tinkering. I would go for a constant subsurface flow in the growbed, let the water drop directly to any next levels (creating splash /aeration) . The flow rate chart of this specific pump is here As you can se in the chart, the flow rate is down to about about 4500 L/h at 2,5m lift However you are lifting the water to the top of the growbed (or swirl filter ) and not to the bottom , so you have to add a bit more to your total lift (static head) . There is no hight measurements on the AP-unit in your drawing, but there is one on the barrels in the initial layout (67cm) , so counting the sidepanel boards on the later drawings my guesstimate is ruffly an additional 1m static head. So a total of 3,5m static head gives you a max flow of approximately 2200 L/h not counting the dynamic head loss. cheers
  14. Hey growers! So I found the time to do it all. The "filter" is under GB .. It's rather water management system than filter. Euro box is connected with raft by pipe for principle communicating vessels. The water level in eurobox is determined by the overflow (PVC knee) in raft bed. Grow bed will drain through affnans siphon outlet into eurobox, the water flows from the eurobox to the raft bed and from there back to pond through big orange pipe. The raft bed is continuously filled with a bypass pipe through eurobox. If the principle communicating vessels dont take a volume of water from grow bed, eurobox have overflow too. What do you think, is it suitable or too complicated? The styrofoam board on the raft bed will not float but hang over the surface. We'll probably air it, I saw it works without air, but I'll be calmer when bubbler (DWC) is bubbling. I haven't bought a pump yet, will you help me a little? Will it be enough? Max head: 4,5 m Flow rate: 9500 l/h Thanks!
  15. Pretty cool, I would think heating your tanks could be pretty costly.
  16. Thanks so much for the information. I have joined your Facbook site and hope to get lots of information from teachers that are doing similar projects in their schools.
  17. Hi Markymark and welcome to APN, +1 to Andes comments. I look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers.
  18. Hey All, I am a middle school teacher in Ohio and am working on a project with the local boy scouts. We would like to get some game fish at the fry stage in the fall and raise them in a 55 gallon tank. Then take them and release them in their pond in the spring. I have done this with a trout in the classroom project, but it has become more of problem with meeting the states requirement for where we have to release them. I have talked with fish and game about the type of fish, they suggested Bluegill, Redear Sunfish or Catfish for the pond. Here are my questions: How many fish should I get for a 55 gallon tank assuming I get them in the fry stage like 2-4 inches in length? I wouldn’t go over about 20 as I’m sure you’re aware it’s the ultimate size just before harvest that you have to consider. Can I raise more than one breed at a time or should I just stick with one for now? Bluegill, redear, and catfish are compatible. I would’t put any bass in with those species. Even if the bass are pellet trained, and don’t eat the other species because of their size, they will stress them. Redear won’t come trained to feed on pellets. They can be trained but it’s very difficult. I wouldn’t consider redear. And I wold get fish you can feed pellets as live feed is inefficient and can be costly. It takes about 10 lbs. of live feed to grow 1 lb. of fish. It only takes 2 lbs. or less of the pellets to do the same thing. Should we get something like crayfish to help clean up the tank naturally? I wouldn’t. If you have sufficient mechanical filtration and biological filtration you should be fine. If you don’t you will run into problems. Types of plants we should have? I would not add plants I have a website with several teachers with aquaculture and aquaponic producers at the below link. Also Ohio fish producers etc Would live to have you and you could make valuable contacts in Ohio.
  19. Great Job Brian! Not to take away from this site, but I have over 50 active members and growing at the below link if you're interested -- including Gary McDonald and Kellen Weissebach from this site. Sure would love to have you. Very easy to post pictures on my site. One step process right from your browser. Sadly not much activity here anymore.
  20. Hello all - I'm not new to aquaponics at all. However new to having a system near completion. So i have a normal urban backyard and my wife has limited me on locations, so I've got my corner of the yard and here it is. My system is nearly 100% automated besides feeding my fish and turtles. It auto drains and fills, the water drained goes to my growbeds and then have a float valve to refill. I absolutely love dense over stocking and I know what can happen. However i like the ecoaystem design. Got about 100 fish in the tank - minnows, goldfish, koi, crayfish, turtles, and ramshorn. 3 turtles 1 full size res, and 2 small res. Im gonna start a youtube channel on my system because i think its fun, and will also probably cook since my family says i do it well. All typos I blame on my phone.
  21. cleaned more fish this weekend. 12 fish ranging from about 4lbs to 7.5 About 80 left in that 1000 gallon tank.. so i cant let up.. the fish load is too high we fried some last night with friends. and i sent about a lb of meat home with anyone that wanted it.. send about 3 lbs of meat with one guest that will cook it for his mom and family today.. and i am taking 7 lb to my moms for the extended family gathering there.
  22. Hi Markymark Welcome to APN/HQ. The forum has been a bit quiet lately. I guess that's how it is on most forums these days, the traffic comes in waves. It is more likely you get comments on your system, if you post it in the "members systems" forum (add link to your youtube channel) A lot of members never visit/read posts in the "welcome wagon" so your system may go undetected a long time here. cheers
  23. Not new to the concept of Aquaponics, but new to having a complete system. I currently have a thousand gallon tank and 100 gallon grow bed, as growing food out of the tank isn't completely my goal, having the huge biofilter was important too me. My main goal is just to grow tons of food in my backyard, and front yard while keeping it looking pleasant. It has changed quite a bit since that picture shown, I'm gonna start a youtube channel and kinda show my journey building out my system. However, it's too hard to stay consistent with all that. I like talking about this stuff and reading other posts and commenting, so I thought I'd join up and check everyone else system out in the process.
  24. Thank you for your reply. It was a great help.
  25. Hi Sandman Welcome to APN/HQ You should try try sending Jessele a PM, he has not been logged on since he signed up, but might respond if he gets a mail notification ? He is located in the Philippines and I wouldn't be surprised if his company name is Aquaponics go green. good luck cheers edit: look what a google search gave me
  26. Hi, I'm from davao. Do you ship there?
  27. I enjoy replying to myself... I ditched the aquariums, I don't think I was moving enough water (they got kinda gross), was cool to see fish but the tank with window (and possibly another tank same size) will suffice for fish viewing. Just thought Id add this because the tanks were rube goldberg-ish plumbed and not working well. Anyone have a system or systems similar to mine? Would appreciate some tips on trout - gh is in southern Ontario near lake Ontario. pic above is just before I ditched the aquarium madness! Cheers
  28. Forgot theres 4 14 foot nft with strawberries and lots of other stuff in warm water system, I guess putting a few nft's would on the cold water side wouldn't be a good idea because would raise water temp... not sure. pic is warm water side a few weeks ago (everything from seed except re grow green onions), more like a jungle now... Cheers
  29. Cold water system ( on left side of greenhouse) consists of Fish tank is 220 gal,2 55 gal barrels swirl and filter, 450 gal sump buried. 1- 40"x40"x14" raft and one 30"x40"x14" raft. Both deep water are aerated and siphon air as flow in. Warm water system (on right side of gh) consists of 200 gal fish tank with niles, 75 gal tank with blues and 3 beds all 40"x40"x14" 2 filled with hydroten and one deep water raft. Sump is 2 55 gal barrels buried. Question is if I put 100 3" rainbow trout in cold water system will that be enough plants? There's around 80 plants (kale and lettuce). I have it plumbed to swap water between two systems (the warm water is well established and cold water is only about a week running with a few dozen minnows) so I swapped some water up to help mature the cold system. I can plumb in the warm water deep water bed to the cold system - not sure if that is a good idea. I also plan on adding some deep water and or hydroten beds around the outside of the greenhouse to increase filtration and gain more cucumbers and pumpkins. I also have a 500 gal tank in a shaded are about 15 feet from greenhouse, I was thinking I could link that into the cold water system to help keep the water temp for the trout between 10 c and 14 c. A lot of plans - I know - any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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