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  3. Hi JustFlo Welcome to APN/HQ I prefer a dry mounted (external) pump, no more stress on that.(also safer with no wiring in the water) Unfiltered water on the other hand will have some more stress on any pump impeller, so mounting pump after filters is a positive design. cheers
  4. Hi Yeah I agree they can be very active under the ice. But they can also be very sluggish depending on temperature oxygen and light. cheers
  5. I'm setting up my first AP garden. I'm wanting to set up a sequencing (indexing) valve with an external water pump to feed my grow beds However, my concern is having to turn the pump on and off to activate the valve and causing early demise of the pump. Would a submersed pump have less stress? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Flo
  6. Ande, Pike are very active under the ice. They can really take line too. Sometimes they spawn while there is still ice on a lake.
  7. Hi Kellen...any expressions of interest in the hatchery?
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  9. Hi BD Not lazy, sluggish from the cold temp. very common in ice fishing. You should try it, great fun cheers
  10. Camic, it looks to me like your dealing with new tank syndrome. The bacteria take some time to grow big enough to process the waste. Typical time at your temp is about 30 days as a WAG (Wild A.. Guess). The best thing you can likely do for your fish now is add some potassium chloride. A tablespoon or 2 should do it. Small quantities can be bought as salt substitute. Lowering the pH might help a little, but at the stage of cycling that you are in , it would likely be counterproductive. Add the salt and then sit on your hands and watch. By the way. How long did you let the silicon sit that you used to secure your outlet pipe? Was it fish safe aquarium silicon? Some of the cheaper grades release nasty things in the water during the curing process. To Camic and Jojo81023. I can just not bring myself to recommend hydroton anymore. For a good growth medium , find some ASTM c33 sand easily found at home depot or lowes. Some fine mesh plastic screen material to cover your outlet of your grow bed will keep the sand in as you pump to it every hour or two. Best of luck to you both.
  11. That makes sense Cecil... I must admit. I did see how limp the fish was and thought to myself "gee wizz they must be a lazy fish" then thought nothing more of it. Cheers
  12. I think the fish is almost dead and was held in the hole in the picture. Just out of the picture is another hole the guy dives in and comes up into the adjacent hole in the picture. Obviously not a capture by hand and for those of us that know anything about Esox Lucius you don't want to get anywhere near the mouth of an active fish. I have had them purposely try and snap at me. Very nasty teeth in their mouths including teeth that are curved back to hold onto their prey and can do a number on flesh or fingerings.
  13. Hi jojo, Welcome to APN, Enjoy the journey... Cheers.
  14. Hi jojo Welcome to APN/HQ I copied a Q from you in another thread so to not go off topic in that thread. You should maybe start a new thread in members system posting Q's related to it in given thread. We have had a few discussions on cannabis growing, on the forum earlier, here is what I found using the search function on the matter cheers
  15. Hello Bigdaddy and Camic, I am a newbie. I have a 5 gallon aquarium with 1 beta, 3 minnows, 1 sucker fish, 1 tetra, and 2 crabs. I bought a dishpan today and hope to cut the holes needed to start aquaponics indoors. I do not have the media yet. I thought I would order online the clay balls. I wanted to grow cannabis at first. I have been watching you tube on aquaponics, and am interested in trying it out. I started in the forum to learn about aquaponics. Can you direct me on what to read first to get started, or just start from the top and read it all? Thank you for your help Joanne81023.
  16. Hello, I am a newbie to aquaponics. I live in Beulah, Colorado. I look forward to learning about aquaponics.
  17. Hi Craig and welcome to APN. Cheers.
  18. Hi Camic, I forgot to ask, Whats your ammonia level? Also to measure how much media you have in your grow bed, we also need the depth so how deep is it? Cheers.
  19. I don't have a thermometer (I need to get one) but I was a lifeguard for a really long time, and I can tell general water temp just be feeling. It's around 70. Nitrites: ~2 ppm Nitrates: ~20 ppm pH: 7.0 No extra filtration. I also add a cap full of microbe lift once a week since it's a new tank. This is a really small system. The tank is 10 gallons, and the grow bed is about 1.3 ft by .5 ft Thank you so much!!
  20. Hi New Years Eve we had a 7 course dinner, where all courses contained some, either home grown or self -gathered -hunted -fished All cooked & served, by my son in law, son & daughter 1. Norway lobster, asparagus, onion 2. Cauliflower soup with cauliflower mushroom & bacon 3. RedFoxJuice sorbe ( ) 4. Duck confetti on toast with currants & chilisaus 5. Calf filet with chanterelles baked -parsnip -potato -carrot 6. Goat cheese honey grapes on rye crisp bread 7. vanilla ice cream with roasted pistasj nuts, dates & oatmeal cookie Grate meal & company Best way to celebrate a New Year with all your kids cheers
  21. Great fish Ande. Gees that guy has got to be crazy swimming in that hey? The things people do to catch a great fish...:) Cheers
  22. Hi Camic, and welcome to APN. I hate it when things are not right so let's see if we can help. Lets get a peg in the ground first. Some pics and commentary of your system, plants and fish would be good. Whats your water readings? Tank temps? pH? Nitrites? Nitrates? Any extra filtration? How big are your grow beds? I'm thinking you need to find out whats wrong with your fish at first..I'm not big on this type of thing so I invite others who may know to participate in this discussion as well. I'd find out about your fish and treat, if needed, treat system accordingly, check the quality of your water, check out how much bio filtration you have, I'd suggest it's OK but we don't know yet. Also I'd suggest you may not have enough fish for your plants to get nutrients, but again we don't know until we find out how big your grow beds are. So, in summary, lets find out about your fish first treat them and your system if it needs it, then check your water and grow beds. Hang in there and keep at it, hopefully we can help you get your system up and running OK. Cheers.
  23. Hi Cecil Yeah share, and they are estimating the pike in the video to be almost 10 kg, so you are right on the weight. But if you click on that red tape saying 39 lbs you will get to this great video (it has english subtitles) cut/paste : "Tolvan" or "The Biggun" is a pike fishing movie produced in Sweden during 2012 and 2013. Using the method float trolling we catch some of the biggest pikes in Sweden during these years. . cheers
  24. I started an aquaponics system because I wanted a fish tank, and thought it would be a great way to keep my fish happy and healthy, and get some free veggies too. I have a 10 gallon tank with two platies (just had a Molly die off, I'm going to get some more friends soon). The only thing I've been able to keep alive is an incredibly hardy Rosemary plant. All three of my mollies died of swim bladder disorder, and I think one of my platies has ich. I'm really disheartened by what's happening, I just want my fish to be happy. Any advice?
  25. Nice Esox but I've see enough of them to know it's not 39 lbs. Mind if I share that video?
  26. Hi CraigSS Welcome to APN/HQ cheers Edit: I saw your comment in Markor58's album he is located in Ecuador
  27. Hi I bet you would enjoy Swede style ice fishing BD cheers
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