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  4. Gee Wizz Ande, That fox has traveled a long, long way. Cheers.
  5. Hi Ricardo and welcome to APN, Yes, overflows are important, covers are also useful. I'm no 168 in that very helpful PDF Ande posted. I found the trick is to use fittings that are adequate but easy and cheap to find. I'd be interested to see your progress. Please post plenty of pics of your build in the build section so we can see your system. Looking forward to watching your progress. Cheers.
  6. i would not have a problem putting those species together. they are kinda of all forage fish and behave similarly. It may be difficult to get crappie to eat commercial feed/pellets unless you know they are already feed trained.
  7. Hi richinC Welcome to APN/HQ Hopefully @bcotton will chime in, he has some experience with the species in Q cheers
  8. Good morning, do you think I can raise or grow tilapia, bluegill, and crappy in a 10ft by10ft tank together?
  9. Hi Amazing journey Quote: The fox was under a year old when she set off west in search of food, reaching Greenland just 21 days later - a journey of 1,512 km - before trudging forward on the second leg of her trek. She was tracked to Canada's Ellesmere Island, nearly 2,000 km further, just 76 days after leaving Svalbard. cheers
  10. Hi Wenger Welcome to APN/HQ I wouldn't worry at all cheers
  11. Would anybody be afraid to use totes like these in there system?
  12. Hi My sister plan a family gathering mid July, she asked about the possibility of me fixing some crabs for the occasion. So I did a test/traping (first go this season) with 5 traps for 2 days. I got 90 and they where nice cheers
  13. If you live close to the sea you can make it DIY cheers
  14. In my country I don't have that product and its a little expensive to buy online. I will try to find something similar.
  15. Hi! Thks very much for the help! I build an overflow to avoid rain problems! Nice to know another portuguese member!
  16. Hi Ricardo Many members use maxicrop and it's safe to use, see link You will find numerous discussion on how to use it here on APN/HQ by using the search function. I got 163 hits , here cheers
  17. Hello Ande! Thks for your kind explication. In deed what I have is a APN/HQ (I dint know how to name it). So, now I know that I must add some nutrients to the water. My question is if those nutrients are bad to the fishes..Thks
  18. Hi again Ricardo You'w got me a little confused with the above statement ? Any/all aquaponic systems, contain a hydroponic system of some sort(s) That is Aquaponics pr definition " Aquaculture + hydroponic ". If you by "hybrid" mean that they can be run separately from each other, that is a good thing and not uncommon. That gives you the opportunity, to easy isolate the fish/plant -sides, from each other for treatment if/when needed. If you by "hybrid" mean multiple type growing systems, that is fairly common at hobby level and you'll find many member systems of that kind posted here on APN/HQ. As for lack of plant nutrients from the fish waste, please read the full fact sheet (pdf/link) This quote is taken from the aquaponics factsheet : to plant ratios.pdf The Rakocy approach was determined by taking a look at how aquaponic systems work. Rakocy quickly determined that fish feed contains the essential mixture of nutrients required for the healthy and maximised growth of the fish, but that fish have different nutrient requirements to plants. The key factors in this difference are: Fish do not require any where near the level of two main nutrients that plants do (Potassium – K, and Calcium – Ca). Fish metabolism relies on large proportions or quantities of protein that fish utilise via metabolic pathways that convert this protein into energy. The major waste products after this metabolism are Nitrogen (N) and Phosphorous (P). Fish do not need the same level of other key macro-nutrients that plants do (Sulphur – S, Magnesium – Mg and Iron – Fe, to name a few). The outcome, and what Rakocy determined, is that plants require a different mixture of nutrients than what fish feed contains and therefore, a method was required to account for this. cheers
  19. Hello! I made an "hybrid" system that joins aquaponic and hydroponic systems together. I plane to grow some little vegetables but Im not sure if I must put some nutrients in water to properly feed the plants... does anybody have this "mix" system? For example, I think that aquaponic system does not produce iron... Thks for help!
  20. Hi Shrike Welcome to APN/HQ Your suggestion has been discussed in various threads earlier, like this: cheers
  21. @kellenw Hi Kellen The forum is loading really slow, and have for the last few weeks. It takes 22-25 seconds to load a new page/search, this does not encourage members to read, post, or respond in any way. Comparing with the other ap-forums where the same is done in 0,002-0,003 seconds about X 10.000 faster, than APN at the moment. I hope you find time to fix it cheers
  22. Hi chris Welcome to APN/HQ Trafic is slow here these days, however you can easily find old answers to the Q's you ask by reading thru old posts in particular the Q/A section or the member system section. This doc/pdf beds and design.pdf describes in detail your Q#1. From here: sheets.htm cheers
  23. Hello I'm new to the whole aquaponics and I have a 55 gallon tank and I was wondering 3 things? #1. How big of a grow bed? #2. How big of a sump tank? #3. what lighting might be recommended for the grow bed?
  24. Hi again You'll find numerous ibc systems in this pdf cheers
  25. Hi Ricardo Any kind of fishtanks should have some sort of overflow piping mounted at a set maximum water level, the excess water should be directed to a dedicated area. In most european countries there is specific regulations regarding the handling of aquaculture drain water, however a single 1000liter tank will most often be such a small volume so the ordinary sewage may be used. Then there is the water quality changes in your fish tank to consider, the rainwater might be "good", thing but that will depend on the quality. Rainwater can be very polluted depending on location, also it can alter the temperatur rapidly in such small tank. Finally you have to think about safety . Fish might be preyed upon by birds, dogs, cats, mink ............... and more important fish is attracting to kids, that might fall in and drown. Some sort of lid is almost a must, for all the above reasons IMO it will also create shade/cover, which the fish prefer, prevent/reduce alga growth and temp fluctuations during day/night hours We have a real cool Portugise member thread that you might like here enjoy cheers
  26. Hi Ricardo Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  27. Hello! I have an aquaponic system in a IBC. In winter, in my country rains a lot and my aquaponic system is uncover. Does anyone have an ibc system without a shelter? Because I think that with rain the fish tank will overflow..
  28. Hello! Im from Portugal and I build an IBC aquaponic system. I subscribe this forum to learn more about this topic.
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