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  4. We have been facing an issue at our setup related to tomato plants that we have been growing at our setup. The issue is that the leaves of the tomato plants start to curl down and stay that way and the plants are not producing fruits instead they grow taller and taller with a relatively narrower stem compared to the height of the plant. The fresh leaves are straight though but they start to curl down after some time. These tomatoes are grown alongside bell pepper. the water temperature is 15-18 degree Celsius. the ammonia levels range between 1-1.5 and sometimes 2. the pH ranges between 7-8. the nitrates remain 100-200 ppm range while the nitrites remain less than 10. The fish that we have been raising along is Nile Tilapia. Two of these plants are planted in media bed while the one is in NFT, but same results. The plants are kept indoor with grow lights, but the grow lights don't cover the whole plant. The plants receive a little sunlight during some part of the day as well. The plants are more than 120 days old now.
  5. Hey, I'm putting together a business plan for a commercial pilot system. Something I have had difficulty finding is the wholesale price paid by distributors for various crops, so that I can begin some calculations determining the scale of the system. Are there any resources available online showing current market prices of various crops? Cheers
  6. Hi RWF, Welcome to APN Enjoy. Cheers
  7. thank you I know pic are bad unfortunately thay one problem I cant fix I have never been able to take a good pic ever I'm the porson that cut heads off ppl or my finger in the pic lol
  8. Hi RWF I think you have to post some pics taken out of the aquarium , showing the cray in sharp details, for anyone to be able to help you. This https://f.nordiskemedier.dk/2gt07amola9p2rca.pdf might be of help ? cheers
  9. Hi RWF Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  10. thank you for letting me in I hope to make some grate friends in here
  11. hello I'm relay stuck trying to identify this little inmate in my aquarium. it was found in a local store and was free to me as they couldn't tell me what it was it was me or they would of euthanized I understand the risk of getting something you don't know nothing about and I'm ready to move it as soon as I need to to another tank 20201103_214958_002.mp4
  12. Hello, I am very interested in using ERW in my indoor garden. I have made my own using salt and home made electric nodes and am a believer in it's effectiveness as a pest control in agriculture. My question is, do you have a product that you would endorse for this? I would spend upwards of 500 on a machine but would like a cheaper option if one was available that would still work well. Can you suggest a brand because as you said their are a lot of knock offs out there. Thank you very much for your information on this sustainable, non polluting method of pest control. Cheers, Nate Heaton
  13. Hello all, I've recently moved and am looking to re-use equipment from my reef tank for aquaponics. I've thoroughly cleaned the equipment I'm planning to re-use with vinegar / bleach / muriatic acid as required and left outside after rinsing for a couple months to make sure there aren't any remnants from the saltwater setup. I'm curious if I could replace the solid waste export portion of my aquaponic system. I've got a skimmer that's rated for 525GPH flow and is able to drain waste externally (hopefully so I don't have to collect sludge). It is a Skimz Monster SM202 external protein skimmer. This is my first aquaponic tank so if I'm missing something obvious please let me know. I'm in the early planning stages of my build and trying to pull together a bill of materials. Thank you
  14. Science and engineering, combined, working on central themes - biodiversity, global warming, food security. Have a look at the ongoing excellent investigations at Jena Experiments in Leipzig University, Germany. Other agricultural universities are 40 to 100 years behind.
  15. We created this video today. Please give it a look and feedback. Appreciate it.
  16. Vijayakumar Narayanan is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: IAS Light Farming Date: October 7, 2020. Time: 06:00 to 06:45 PM IST Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/94634166396... Meeting ID: 946 3416 6396 Passcode: YouCanGrow You are welcome!
  17. Q: What is the best growing system/s? My one word answer: IAS. Also, please go over the video I have just posted now at my new thread. Questions welcome.
  18. Here is a short intro video we made recently for our audience. I hope this covers a bit more. FYI. Feedback and questions, most welcome.
  19. Ande, I am adding a video next hoping that would answer your question.
  20. Hi again VKN I'w been reading thru your Facebook page trying to figure out what's happening on your front regarding IAVS developments. Aside from the name change from IAVS to IAS what's new ? cut/paste from facebook Quote : Aquaponics Futurist 23. april · IAS = Future of Food! Integrated Aquaponics Systems is the most productive, resilient and sustainable food production system yet devised! Instead of the acronym "IAS", what else we could call it? Eco-integrated Agriculture (Managed) Ecosystem Agriculture Aqua-integrated Horticulture Aqua-Hort Integrated Horticulture Integrated Aquaculture Unified Nutrition Provisioning BioLOGIC Agrology Biotecture Ecotecture Hortitecture Holistic Horticulture Holistic Agrology Holistic gardening Holistic hunger management Holistic hunger mitigation Whole Earth Gardening Whole Earth Provisioning Whole World Sufficiency Whole World Provisioning Multitrophic Gardening Multitrophic Husbandry You are welcome to join these food movements.. #growyourownfood #buylocal #knowyourfarmer #sustainableliving Get educated on the art of growing food. The global online crash course on Integrated Aquaponics Systems (IAS) is scheduled on Sundays, 10-11 AM. The COVID discount offer of over 60% ends after this Sunday, April, 26, 2020. Please pass it on to your tribe. Appreciate it. Quote end. I can see you are running online training classes on IAS 👍 And understand from your Flatland pic.above that you have adopted Wageningen University research on the Food System Vision 2050 'Re-rooting the Dutch food system: from more to better' https://www.wur.nl/upload_mm/3/3/3/38a7c8a7-4b51-477b-95da-1b15b8df96f8_3 Article vision 2050.pdf cheers
  21. There was a typo. IAS = Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture
  22. Hi everyone, When I first started aquaponics I was happy to find I could grow vegetables and fish using a symbiotic relationship between the two. In my uneducated way I was thinking this was starting to be one of the best ways to grow things. I can say now, I question that thought. Is it???? So here's some questions I'd like to throw out to people and get their thoughts. Is there any one particular best system? Do you need multiple different system to make your food production the best? What knowledge do you need to have to run a system? What's the cost of setting up a system? What's the cost of running a system? Do you need to be around the system all the time to cater for things to keep it running, are you tied to the system or can you go on holidays? How successful will the system be? My answer is aquaponics is not the best single system. If I want to go on holidays then the fish become problematical so in this instance maybe just having a home vege patch is the best system, maybe a hydroponics system is better, maybe a wicking bed setup with a way to make the reservoir fill up on it's own added. So there are a few of my thoughts. What do others think? Cheers.
  23. Q: How to feed 1000 people year round? Here is a typical Integrated Aquaponics System (IAS) project suitable for 200 families or to feed approx 1000 people year round. We have done similar projects. This vision would need a total build area of one to two acres. This is what we are currently working on.
  24. It does not really matter how you want to grow more food. Think beyond sand beds. Our children and grand children do not want greenhouse-gas emissions, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Let us do our bit whatever we can. Do something awesome! IAS = Aquaponics + Hydroponics + Organic Agriculture You can grow microgreens, greens, herbs, vegetables, fruits, fowls and small livestock using IAS methods.
  25. Hey my school is looking at stocking their new aquaponics system and is looking to find out if anyone knows of a supplier of small-scale pacu or piranha pacu. (piranha pacu name as a result of coming from the parana river in paraguay).
  26. My sandbeds have been doing just fine for the past 3+ years. Would like to know how it has been improved. The video didnt tell me anything.
  27. Any updates to your "reinvention of the wheel"? What did you decide to do?
  28. Hi VKN Greetings to you as well. I would like to hear/see your developments cheers
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