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  2. Good luck with your learning...and stay connected.
  3. Thanks folks i will read through the suggested links.
  4. Hi Alexander...welcome to APN. The best advice that I could give you would be to build an iAVs according to the method guidelines...and to operate it as I suggest...and you will grow more food for less water than with any other method. I suggest that you take a look at the iAVs Facebook Group for ideas and information...and that you familiarise yourself with the method by reading the various Q & A's in this thread. I'm happy to respond to any additional questions that you may have.
  5. Hi again Lukeboshier made some flowthru systems that worked cheers
  6. Hi Alexander Welcome to APN/HQ Thanks for sharing nice system I can identify with that, in my location I'w found hugelbeds to be the best method of choice. I think it's great fun though, to play, thinker and experiment with different ways of producing my own food cheers
  7. Having written all this down it is becoming clear to me that I wish to trial a system of my own invention in which a relatively small fish tank irrigates relatively large grow beds. Water lost through plant transpiration is replaced with fresh water as per standard AP. But due to the ratio of FT Volume to GB volume, no water is required to recirculate and the fish receive enough fresh water daily to maintain FT water quality. No recirculation is required. This eliminates much plumbing and limits the spread of disease. It could be implemented without pumps. Is this too good to be true? Doe
  8. There you have it. I feel like I'm done with this set up after 1 summer. It has taught me heaps and I have loved having the fish in my life. I just feel like it is overly complicated and the simmilar results could possibly be had by tipping the pond water straight on the sandy ground and giving the fish fresh water from the tank. The major advantage of the system as it stands to my mind is that the plants were never thirsty. In this regard the system is awesome and there were periods of many days during high summer when the pump did not pump and the sand held enough water to keep the plan
  9. Tomato plants did well. These probably look pathetic to many of you but we have a short season in Tasmania and the plants went in late December. This picture was taken 3 months after planting.
  10. Here's the set up. Round spa buried in ground is fish tank. All other tubs drain to fish tank. Fish tank overflows to sump which is 1/2 blue barrel and contains a submersible pump.
  11. Hi Alexander and welcome to APN, We look forward to looking at your pics. Cheers.
  12. Hi folks. I live on very sandy soil in a dry climate in southern Australia. In spite of a suburban location, we have no water utility and rely on rain caught from the roof stored in tanks. The water efficency of aquaponics was appealing to me and so I cobbled together a system made from the "rubbish" of the profligate society in which I live. DISCLAIMER: This setup evolved from my own gardening experience and intuition. It was inspired by iavs but I did not follow correct protocols so please do not think that these methods will work for You or Your Fish. Sandy soil from our yard
  13. Nello...welcome to Aquaponics Nation. Set up your own thread in the Welcome Wagon...and we'll talk more about what would be useful for growing in the tropics.
  14. Hi Nello Welcome to APN/HQ Indeed you can, this is a "old" member system thread, not active in 8 years so you might have more luck on educational inputs in the Q/A section, or by making your own member system thread and lay out your plans and Q's there. You don't need a greenhouse, but you might need shading for both plants and fish, maybe a lid for the fish tank..... Why don't you introduce your self and plans in the welcome wagon and take it from there. cheers
  15. hello, may i ask if i need to construct a greenhouse for my aquaponics system? The sunlight hit directly on my site from 7am up to 5pm. Thanks
  16. Can i be a member here? i am planning to setup an aquaponic system, i am from cavite, philippines. Hope to see more educational inputs here. Thank you
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  18. Every bit of effort that you make to learn about iAVs-suitable sand, willl be a good use of your time. So, flush the death adders out of your pocket and get into the good stuff. Washed and graded filter sand is a good investment. Unlike almost everything else we own, sand is a true asset...one that grows in value over time.
  19. Working dogs are standard fixtures on every farm in Australia. Kelpies and border collies work with sheep...and the Australian blue heeler are the automatic choice for many who work with cattle. My micro-farm is tiny (just under a quarter of an acre) so I have a working dog to match. Meet Darci...my four-year old Maltese Terrier. She's our guardian dog...and the photo shows her keeping guard from the vantage point of my bed. If allowed, she would keep our place completely free of birds (for whom she has contempt) and she barks to alert us to the presence of people (whether
  20. GaryD

    Bee Motels

    Here's a bee motel that I built last year. It's a place for native bees (some of which are solitary) and other beneficial insects to live. These structures come in many shapes and sizes. This is mine.
  21. Rob Greenfield lives in Florida...where he pursues a minimalist lifestyle...including living in a tiny house that he built. He has a comprehensive Youtube channel containing all manner of interesting videos on many aspects of self-reliance. For those who live in a warmer climate...and like to spend most of their time outdoors...this type of house is very practical.
  22. Here's another vertical axis windmill that I came across during a road trip to South Australia in 2017.
  23. Hi Everyone, I think I'm resigned to the fact I'll have to spend some coin on sand. Gary, Your desk top sand garden thread has given me a great idea that I never thought of and it will help immensely on choosing the correct sand for my build. I'll just grab a bag of AIS filter sand from my mate and make a similar set up to you, I know the bags have grading sizes on them so I can work from there, then I'll know where to go without having to waste any money. I could do with a decent propagating set up. Cheers.
  24. BD...it's on the coarse side of the iAVs recommendation...probably 1mm - 2mm. This is recycled glass sand. I recommend that anyone contemplating an iAVs build, conduct some simple tests...including a percolation rate test. That is the best way to source cheap sand that works.
  25. Hi Gary, Roughly what size is your sand? Cheers
  26. This is a little sandgarden that I just built so that I can propagate seedlings and cuttings. https://iavs.info/uncategorized/a-desktop-sandgarden/
  27. Thanks for that Gary, I was looking at alternative sand to the kiln dried sand but the more I look into it the more convinced I'm going to have to bite the bullet and but kiln dried sand. I actually rang up AIS and spoke with one of their sales reps and he was saying the only way to get uniformed clean sand is to kiln dry it. They only supply wholesale and in the bags or bulka bags now so I'm going to have to head over to Adamis sand and metal or someone like that. While I'm there I can look at and get my hands into their cheaper sand. Once I've done that I will decide if it is going to b
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