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  3. how to take out the solid wastw from a rectangular tank??? can a pump do it or should we do it manually????
  4. hi i'm new to this forum, how many days it will take for a tank of 25litres (5.5 gallon) capacity with only two sucker mouth fish to produce AOB's and NOB's ??? can i add plants to the system now or should i wait and for how many days ?? i am planning to plant a corriander on a floating raft. i have no bio filtration unit . should i install one or no need?? the temperatures in india are high as it is summer here and water temperature goes around 25 degrees centigrade in the tank. i am feeding the fish pellet food and there is an air pump also .
  5. Hi! I will like to implement devices/sensors in my aquaponics system to measure nutrients (in bio-available state that the plants can uptake - e.g. Fe2+ or ferrous iron). What are the devices/sensors you guys are using? Thanks for sharing!
  6. bigdaddy


    Hi Daniel and welcome to APN I think this is a good solid site with plenty of shared ideas. I've found it very useful over the years. Why don't you head over to the build section and post a bit about your build when you are ready. And yeah, Pics..... We just love pics. I look forward to seeing what you have done and following your journey. Cheers.
  7. ande


    Hi DanielJ Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  8. Make sure that your plants don't develop the disease. You can use compost tea for rapid growth and you can learn more about it. You can also visit specialised forums where you have positive experiences with these plants.
  9. It was educational. Thank you!
  10. It's a good thing you have all the time. That's a good one. Thank you for the video!
  11. I think I saw a similar idea in Japan. They have no place to grow and they set up vertical farms in offices to make simple vegetables. The process itself looks exciting.
  12. Installing a window was easier than I thought. Thank you for telling me about your experience, I'll try to make a window like yours.
  13. DanielJ


    Good to see you all! I'm about to launch my first aquaponic farm. I've come here for experience and interesting ideas, advice.
  14. Hoping for some advice from someone who has tried both, Neoprene Collars vs Net Pots with foam inserts. I have been using 2" net pots with foam inserts in my floating rafts for some time now. Not sure what type of foam is used in the standard net pot foam inserts but I think it's closed cell low-density polyethylene foam. It holds up reasonably well for fast growing lettuces and I am able to reuse it for multiple plantings. The foam does become more stiff over time, suffers from compression memory, and allows roots to penetrate it but I have been using the same foam inserts for about a year and they are still serviceable. I was looking into purchasing new net pots and foam for a new and much larger DWC when I cam across the Neoprene collars. Please correct me if I am wrong but it looks like the neoprene collars will provide more support than the low-density polyethylene foam. Thus eliminating the need for the net pots. I am now wondering if anyone has used these neoprene collars directly inserted into a Styrofoam floating raft without a net pot. Also wondering how the neoprene collars hold up over time as compared to the polyethylene foam? Do roots penetrate the neoprene as well, does it suffer from the same compression memory, does it hold up reasonably well in the sun, or any other issues you might have noticed.
  15. Hi everyone, Just got my first bill since installing the battery and signing up to a VPP plan...Very pleasantly surprised... I got a credit of 370 dollars plus for a 38 day billing cycle which includes a 150 dollar welcome credit because I'm in the RAA and 25 days of a $5.00 per day payback because of the VPP. This credit will definitely help with the expected increased power bills over winter. The litnus test in the winter months is still to come. So far so good. Cheers.
  16. Hello Cecil, I am beginning a build on a coldwater system for trout and salmon and have access to springs and ponds for perhaps larger fish. Please keep posting on your work! Where did you find Cutthroat eggs? I failed in my search. Thanks Andy
  17. Hi bkardon and welcome to APN, Looks interesting. Why don't you head over to the Aquaponics Systems section and start your own build thread. Then tell us your issues and we'll see what we can do to help. Cheers.
  18. Hi bkardon Welcome to APN/HQ cheers
  19. Hi folks, I finally took the leap and started a very small indoor aquaponics setup. It’s partly going well, some issues, which are why I decided to join. Glad to be here! -Brian
  20. Hi Everyone, Over the last couple of weeks the east coast of Australia has had a lot of rain and flooding which has helped the bushfire situation in New South Wales and Victoria. They are hoping that it will extinguish all the bushfires in New South Wales by the end of the week. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/feb/10/rain-deluge-in-eastern-australia-set-to-extinguish-nsw-bushfires-this-week https://www.ecowatch.com/fire-in-australia-rain-2645065503.html Here in South Australia the fires are all contained. Weather has been superb in my opinon 27 -34 degrees C mostly dry, with the odd (rare) humid day, which is normal weather behaviour at this time of the year. Cheers.
  21. Hi all, I am conducting research exploring the visionary ideas present in the field of aquaponics for a 2030 future, in accordance with an undergraduate dissertation project at the University of York, UK. The research includes conducting semi-structured interviews with EU based non-commercial and commercial practitioners to understand their opinions on what should be included in a shared vision for the field for 2030. Just posting to enquire whether anyone would be interested in being interviewed for this research? The interview should last 45 minutes at the most but can be shortened as much as is convenient for you. Also it can take place via Skype or telephone, whichever you prefer. Additionally, by participating you will also be entitled to receiving an executive summary of the findings, or the full dissertation once it has be completed should you so wish. However if you decided to withdraw from the research at any point you will still be entitled to receiving this. Please email jw2264@york.ac.uk if you would like to express your interest. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you. All the best Jake
  22. Hi Phri and all, Sorry about the delay in responding, had troubles downloading pics and got busy. Here are a couple of pics as the system sits now. I totally agree about the weather, that's why I asked for the solar inverter to be put around the side as it is more protected there and one day when finances and priorities allow, I will eventually have a roof there. For now that is more than adequate. I also insisted on the battery being put under the solar inverter and payed more for the extra work, that way it did not need bollards around it to protect it from the car, I had more room in the drive way and the battery was also reasonably protected from the elements. Certainly more so than on the side of the driveway under or around the meter box. Now I have a roof over the top of the meter box providing protection for the gateway and more importantly providing protection for people enering my home. Although it is somewhat expensive, hopefully all this extra thought and expense will pay off in the long run. Cheers.
  23. Rafts are easy, cut small x in 1/2 styrofoam place seed inside x cut.. push toothpick thru side of x cut so root can follow to water. Seed will sprout rather quickly and the toothpick will need to be changed to popsicle stick so plant does not choke out from foam crushing it.
  24. You will find it very difficult to complete a flowering stage of the life cycle. The AK-47 grows well as well as blue dream, girl scout cookies and kandy kush is slightly fussy. If deepwater culture is your goal you will most likely at the very least have one or two emergency situations that give no advance warning. Be very mindful of light reaching roots. Hydrogen peroxide is your friend against root rot. If you are flooding tables be sure to allow plants to sit in flooded area for quite a spell.. Marijuana loves aquatic life. They will grow enormous with very little light. A LED grow light will save money last forever and produce almost no heat.. I have found having two 100 gallon tubs & two identical pumps is best. Obviously one for floating plants in, the other tub for fish with a constant flow from tub to tub.. Comets and goldfish are excellent for this task.. In order to switch from veg to flower you will definitely need to feed fertilizers but organic will suffice. Good luck to you. P.S. feed fish 10+ times per 24 hours.
  25. Hi Phri Yes for sure! I can possibly send over my results post analysis but just need to double check that it wouldn't count as collusion first. If it does then I can for sure send you an exec summary of the findings when the project is complete (May/June). Did you guys focus on perceptions from individuals in Australia? Also were they perceptions of practitioners or consumers, or both?
  26. And if you take regular weight counts (maybe 1 x every 10 days) you can follow performance of the animals with regards to total biomass, FCR and SGR.
  27. Hi Jake, We did something very similar at Latrobe University (Melbourne Australia) last semester as part of an undergraduate subject. Although the focus was on perceptions of aquaponics. We are in the process of analyzing data and I would be interested in comparing outcomes at a later stage.
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