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  2. Rafts are easy, cut small x in 1/2 styrofoam place seed inside x cut.. push toothpick thru side of x cut so root can follow to water. Seed will sprout rather quickly and the toothpick will need to be changed to popsicle stick so plant does not choke out from foam crushing it.
  3. You will find it very difficult to complete a flowering stage of the life cycle. The AK-47 grows well as well as blue dream, girl scout cookies and kandy kush is slightly fussy. If deepwater culture is your goal you will most likely at the very least have one or two emergency situations that give no advance warning. Be very mindful of light reaching roots. Hydrogen peroxide is your friend against root rot. If you are flooding tables be sure to allow plants to sit in flooded area for quite a spell.. Marijuana loves aquatic life. They will grow enormous with very little light. A LED grow light will save money last forever and produce almost no heat.. I have found having two 100 gallon tubs & two identical pumps is best. Obviously one for floating plants in, the other tub for fish with a constant flow from tub to tub.. Comets and goldfish are excellent for this task.. In order to switch from veg to flower you will definitely need to feed fertilizers but organic will suffice. Good luck to you. P.S. feed fish 10+ times per 24 hours.
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  5. Hi Phri Yes for sure! I can possibly send over my results post analysis but just need to double check that it wouldn't count as collusion first. If it does then I can for sure send you an exec summary of the findings when the project is complete (May/June). Did you guys focus on perceptions from individuals in Australia? Also were they perceptions of practitioners or consumers, or both?
  6. And if you take regular weight counts (maybe 1 x every 10 days) you can follow performance of the animals with regards to total biomass, FCR and SGR.
  7. Hi Jake, We did something very similar at Latrobe University (Melbourne Australia) last semester as part of an undergraduate subject. Although the focus was on perceptions of aquaponics. We are in the process of analyzing data and I would be interested in comparing outcomes at a later stage.
  8. Hi Bigdaddy, That's a very neat installation, although I don't like all this expensive equipment fully exposed to the elements. I am running a simular set-up while based in country victoria. Mine is already running for 3.5 years and I still use old style AGM batteries, which approaching end of service life now. I have several aquaculture/aquaponics systems running. The system saved my fish a number of times during a power outage. So it's not just reducing power bills. btw my bills are in the plus during the summer, although the feed-in tariff is not great ($0.12 / kWh), while gridpower cost ($0.25 / kWh) + ($1.2 /day for the connection). I am planning to go offgrid when I switch to Lithium batteries.
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  10. Hi Ragat, Thanks for your kind thoughts, they are very much appreciated. I live in Adelaide which is the capital of South Australia with approximately 1 million residents. We are lucky enough to have a lot of trees in our streets. My area is what we describe as an inner subrurb of the metropoetan area. What you can see is the overhead power lines in front of a nice green tree in our street. Living close to town has many benefits but naturally, it does lack to country feel. To put things in perspective, I live approximately 1 hour drive away from the hills, Barossa, Cape Jervis (mainland opposite Kangaroo Island) and other areas in the country. I have friends and work colleagues who live in the hills and the area where these devasting fires hit and they are ok. Luckily for me the fires haven't come that close. I do remember the scary Ash Wednesday fires in the 1980's, they were closer and one the comments I heard from a person who volenteers say, we are due for another event like that. Later on, I'll move over to the bushfires thread and talk a bit more of the current state as not to clog this thread up. Luckily the fires are no where near where all our natinal grid interconectors are so at the moment we are ok with that. Having said that, the clean up after these fires will cost billions of dollars nationally and eventually that cost will be passed down to us the customer in different ways. The money does have to come from somewhere I spose. I don't know how your system is set up but mine is set up, where my house uses the energy made from the solar panels first then, the battery, then the grid. Interstingly, I'm looking forward to my next electricity bill (who would of thought?) which is due in six weeks or so. A couple of things to take into consideration is, it is summer time here so we have the best chance of solar input so whilst cooling is expensive, heating is slightly more expensive. The other thing to think about is, whilst we had some very hot days, we have had a lot of cooler days with the temps on some being well below the January average. That means no cooling nor heating has been required. Today in my area we are heading for a top of 26 C, which is warmer than it has been for the last few days. My monitoring estimates daily net savings have been mostly in the minuses so I'm happy with that. Cheers.
  11. I am guessing that the fires currently raging over there are chewing at the power lines, so power if available will cost even more to folks. I am glad that you have been able to set up and get working, your personal solar system. I know those systems are not cheap to set up, and the payback where I have mine in Florida can be non-existant. Your high cost off set seems way better than mine is, but I set mine up for living with some electricity after disasters like hurricanes take out our grid power. I see power lines over trees in the corner of your second picture. I do hope that fire never hits those trees. Good fortune to you!
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  13. I really wish you where wrong on this matter so sad cheers
  14. Hi Hamiltonaquaponics. What veges have you grown so far? Cheers.
  15. I switched to a bunch of minnows, perch and bass. low stocking density, all doing well.
  16. Hi Ande/All, I woke up early this morning (2.30am) and thought I'd go outside for a walk before going back to sleep, only to find a strong smell of smoke in the air. Last night the media weather outlets were predicting Adelaide could have smoke haze from the fires in New South Wales, Victoria and Kangaroo Island. Here is an article written yesterday on the disasters unfolding here in Australia. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/01/australia/australia-fires-explainer-intl-hnk-scli/index.html Whilst I will stay out of the never ending political climate change debate and will refuse to be drawn into it, I found this interactive map to be interesting. Regardless of whatever you may see these fires are huge. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/datablog/ng-interactive/2019/dec/07/how-big-are-the-fires-burning-on-the-east-coast-of-australia-interactive-map Fears of another megafire to break out soon. https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/enormous-megafire-huge-blaze-threatens-to-merge-across-two-states/news-story/2891799b77674eddf576c0b62550218e Here's an interesting picture of the aircraft used in our national firefighting fleet. https://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/nafc-arena-help/2018+National+Fleet+Poster+A3.pdf Cheers.
  17. Hi BD Sad to observe and impossible not to know about if you read/watch any news outlets. I saw a interview with some Norwegians, when they arrived home for Christmas after a 2 week volunteer deployment in NSW fighting fires, alongside Brits & Canadians. I wish you guys down under all the best 🤞 cheers Seems to create some political turmoil cut/paste from here https://greenlemon.me/guy-posted-a-tweet-thread-that-reveals-the-devastating-power-of-the-australian-bushfires/ Guy Posted A Tweet Thread That Reveals The Devastating Power Of The Australian Bushfires By margareth January 4, 2020 It’s burning and still will for the next few months. More than a million acres of rainforest were burnt in Amazon, but that was not enough to turn the head of the people. Currently, more than 6 million acres of land has turned to ash in Australia with the fire showing no signs of stopping. Thousands of people are stranded on the beach and had to be evacuated by water and air as land access had been blocked with scorching fire. More than 400 million of wildlife creatures are gone, putting a huge dent on the native species. Since September 2019, New South Wales has been experiencing bushfire which quickly grew severe. The country was supposed to experience rainfall at this moment, but the wind had blown that rainfall elsewhere, causing the land to dry up. Green Lemonwishes to raise awareness on this incident and this man’s tweet did the trick. Bodie Ashton, a historian, took to Twitter to explain what is happening in Australia to the world. manwithoutatan manwithoutatan manwithoutatan He also shared the harsh fact that these firefighters not only risked their lives but also won’t get enough pay to support themselves and their families. manwithoutatan And then there’s the PM, Scott Morrison, who was blamed by many due to the crisis that is currently raging. manwithoutatan manwithoutatan The smoke from bushfire is also causing severe breathing problems and is equal to smoking a packet of cigarettes a day. manwithoutatan Australia is facing losses and emergency situations not seen in years. manwithoutatan manwithoutatan manwithoutatan manwithoutatan Approximately 1300 houses have been burnt with 20 killed, including 3 volunteer firefighters. Australia worst bushfire was in February 2009 dubbed the ‘Black Saturday’ with 180 deaths and more than 2000 houses gone. The spread is lightning fast as grass fire burns much faster than forest fires or the average running speed of a human. The size of bushfire in Australia is currently bigger than London. manwithoutatan manwithoutatan manwithoutatan Here’s another way to see how vast the destruction of the bushfire is. manwithoutatan Ashton added that the government should be addressing the climate change issue instead of relegating is as purely ‘political’. He further explained his points with more tweets under his thread. manwithoutatan manwithoutatan manwithoutatan Ashton explained that as an Australian historian living in Germany, he just wants to help people visualize better what’s happening in Australia. As severe as it is, people don’t seem to understand how it’s directly affecting a large number of people. But it is and it will. A third of the koala population has been burnt to death and experts are saying this could be the doom of native species on the land. Ashton added that the fire is affecting millions of people in Australia and there are volunteers fighting and racing against time to curb it. He finally emphasizes that we can all do something to help them and one way is by donating to organizations who directly fight against fire and provide medical aids to people and wildlife.
  18. Hi everyone, For those who do not know, in Australia we have very dangerous bush fires with the latest disaster being the worst on record. Nearly 6,000,000 hectares, over 14,000,000 acres of land has been burned since September. At least 17 people have been killed to date. There is no end to this devastation in sight . Before Christmas, they were planning to fight the fires at least until the end of January. There are fires in every state and resources are stretched. I would like to make a special mention of appreciation to our volunteer fire fighting heroes who selflessly give of themselves and thier loved ones to fight these fires. Below is a map of where the fires are, plus, there is another brief article below the map which may be of interest. https://myfirewatch.landgate.wa.gov.au/ https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/01/australia/australia-fires-explainer-intl-hnk-scli/index.html Cheers.
  19. Hi jw2264 Welcome to APN/HQ I did your survey, and moved your post to the general aquaponics discussion section. as many wan't read the post in the welcome wagon section cheers
  20. Hi all. I am currently conducting research at the University of York for my BSc dissertation exploring the visions that both professional and non-professional aquaponic practitioners have for the technology, in order to ascertain the field's developmental orientation. Part of this research includes a 15 minute online questionnaire that can be found at https://york.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3TWrLE2XCYblLUh. It would be very much appreciated if anyone would be able to complete it. Additionally, the research also consists of semi-structured interviews. If anyone would be interested in being interview over Skype or telephone, or has any general questions about my research, then please send me an email at jw2264@york.ac.uk Thank you and best wishes! Jake Williams
  21. my observation on the Sunny John system is that it cools better than heats. an other site to look at is 'oranges in the snow' I am at 5600 f
  22. thank you very much bigdaddy I hope I can get it. regards Mohamed
  23. Hi Mohamed, I just quickly searched our Australian websites such as Ebay or Amazon and found below link as an example. I feel you should be able to find similar websites in your region. I have used this API fresh water master test kit for years and it works ok for me. https://www.ebay.com.au/p/23032171709?iid=173147570742&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-139619-5960-0&mkcid=2&itemid=173147570742&targetid=480387083982&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9070851&poi=&campaignid=7408110601&mkgroupid=79663541654&rlsatarget=pla-480387083982&abcId=1139406&merchantid=118973035&gclid=CjwKCAiA3abwBRBqEiwAKwICA5O35lS1Cfyv9IeVhu9o95g7FkdKtMtl9qpivCpWeJpJ_pn7C-5eOBoCAvsQAvD_BwE Cheers.
  24. Hi Everyone, Is there any equipment/device/kit that available online to purchase, for measuring various elements ( such as PH,) in Aquaponics/iAVS system? Kindly share if there is a list of all elements to be checked regularly. Regards Mohamed
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Ande Merry Christmas everyone Cheers
  26. Hi Bertglo, Ideally you would have supplemental aeration running 24hrs per day. Without supplemental aeration for 10hrs is extremely high risk of ammonia spiking, especially when you have medium - high fish density. Cheers Toga
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    Merry Christmas Ande Merry Christmas Everyone Stay safe folks! Cheers Toga
  28. There's a leak somewhere mate...The next day we dropped to a top of 24 C...Just like that...
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