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Aquaponics Nation, "The Independent Voice of Aquaponics", is an aquaponics discussion forum featuring thousands of members throughout the world, including many of the most respected professionals in the fields of aquaponics, aquaculture and sustainable food production. Founded in 2007, we are the second longest running aquaponics forum on the planet.

The History of Aquaponics Nation

Aquaponics Nation was founded by Gary Donaldson (author of the Urban Aquaponics Manual) and co-founder Murray Hallam on May 15th, 2007, originally under the name Aquaponics HQ (aquaponicshq.com). APHQ, as it was often called by forum members, was one of the original aquaponics forums on the Internet. At the time of its founding, there was only one other aquaponics related forum in existence.

The forum grew steadily under Gary's and Murray's combined leadership, but in June of 2009 Gary and Murray parted ways. Gary continued to run the forum while Murray left to explore other opportunities. On July 29th, 2013, with the assistance of longtime moderator and site contributor Kellen Weissenbach, the name of the web site was changed to Aquaponics Nation (aquaponicsnation.com), the site was moved to a new and much more powerful dedicated server, and the entire web site received a massive update and redesign. Shortly after (December 12, 2013), Gary announced that he had appointed Kellen Weissenbach as the new steward of Aquaponics Nation, citing the desire to free up time to pursue some new and exciting projects as well as work on a third revision of his highly popular Urban Aquaponics Manual.

Today, thanks to Gary, Kellen and the APN community's highly dedicated group of Moderators and Members, Aquaponics Nation continues its mission as "the independent voice of aquaponics", and remains one of the largest, most highly regarded aquaponics communities in the world.

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