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If you want to be successful with your aquaponics system, you will need to understand how the nitrogen cycle works. I will explain what the nitrogen cycle is, why it's important, how it progresses and how to ensure it works efficiently in your establis...
We use a lot of acronyms in aquaponics and aquaculture, and this can cause a fair bit of confusion for people who are just starting out. To help make things easier for those new to Aquaponics, we've compiled a list of the most frequently used acronyms,...
Aquaponics is the combination of two well-known food production methods, aquaculture and hydroponics, functioning together in a semi-symbiotic manner. The word "aquaponics" is a word blend, or better stated, a portmanteau that attempts to more precisel...
When it comes to tilapia, there are mouthbrooders and substrate spawners. Within the mouthbrooding tilapia, there are several differences in terms of who (male, female or both) takes care of the eggs and fry. Tilapia (meaning the entire tilapiine cichl...

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Composition of Fecal Waste Macro and Micro Nutrient Anal...

Nice doc/pdf read here : http://www.aps.uogue...n (Jun2007).pdf Composition of Fecal Waste from Commercial Trout Farms in Ontario: Macro and Micro Nutrient Analyses and  Recommendations for Recycling   cheers
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Starter birds in the USA? Where to get them?

I live "East" Texas, USA and have been looking for some quail.  I see all sorts of questionable online posts for brown quail, some bob whites, but no "Japanese" quail.  Are they called something different on this side of the world?  Where do I find a reputable source for starter Ja...
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Flat Bottom Tank RFF/Swirl Cleanout

EQUIPMENT 22 Nov 2014
Anyone here that have figured out how to get all the collected solids out of a flat bottom RFF or swirl filter without emptying the whole tank and hosing it down?   In a small swirl tank with the right flow, will all solids really accumulate in the center? Most DIY swirls I have seen don't h...
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2 visitors enjoying apples in my garden

LOUNGE AREA 22 Nov 2014
Had a visit this morning by a moose cow and her yearling son. Aprox 30meters (33 yards) away from my window I snaped their morning visit under the old apple trees, I first forgot to open the window (blired pic is taken thru the glas) It is these kind of moments, I know why, I love to live where I...
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LOUNGE AREA 20 Nov 2014
Hi,   I'm a middle aged guy brought up in a middle classed area.   I started my apprenticeship on my last day of my 15th birthday...   When at school, any money I had, I earned...I spent my school holidays working....   Amongst a myriad of other things, I was brought up to res...
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This surprised me!

My flow had considerably slowed down in aquaculture system in the basement. I partially drained my moving bed tank and cleaned out the hose that feeds it from my mag drive pump on top of my clarifier. The flow then at least quadrupled! Amazing how a little mulm slowed down the flow that much!
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Hello from South Africa

Hi everyone. I'm in Pretoria, South Africa. Aquaponics has been a hobby for me over 3 years. I started out with a Barrelponics system then moved on to experimenting with a LEAP setup.   I'm currently running 2 connected IBCs full of about 150 blue and gold tilapia each. I'm pumping via airli...
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Solar Calculator Website

For calculating solar array needed, batteries, and cost. Also irradiance tables, angle tables, grid tie and morehttp://solarelectric...calculator.html The website is free. However I would strongly suggest the book as it does the best job of explaining solar power I have seen and I have several bo...
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