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If you want to be successful with your aquaponics system, you will need to understand how the nitrogen cycle works. I will explain what the nitrogen cycle is, why it's important, how it progresses and how to ensure it works efficiently in your establis...
We use a lot of acronyms in aquaponics and aquaculture, and this can cause a fair bit of confusion for people who are just starting out. To help make things easier for those new to Aquaponics, we've compiled a list of the most frequently used acronyms,...
Aquaponics is the combination of two well-known food production methods, aquaculture and hydroponics, functioning together in a semi-symbiotic manner. The word "aquaponics" is a word blend, or better stated, a portmanteau that attempts to more precisel...
When it comes to tilapia, there are mouthbrooders and substrate spawners. Within the mouthbrooding tilapia, there are several differences in terms of who (male, female or both) takes care of the eggs and fry. Tilapia (meaning the entire tilapiine cichl...

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Dual Loop System - Aquaponics First Timer

Hey all!  I am new to the forum and new to aquaponics but I have been reading a lot of info on the web and posts on the site and getting a lot of info.  Quick background:  I have extensive knowledge on hydroponics and have tried many system setups.  As such I got out of the bi...
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American yellow skunk cabbage

Hi Any of you that have tried to grow American yellow skunk cabbage ? I found a litle group of plants in a ditch, in the woods, brought home some (deep roots, really hard to dig up) and planted in 3 tyres in a sump   In the woods   Only spoted in the wild on three sites before, here...
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1.twin lambs born

Hi First 2 lambs arrived yesterday Expect the other 3 sheeps to deliver today or in the next few days I hope they all get twins and no more so they handle(feed) them selfe Got these 4 sheeps, with a good neighbour, last november also had a ram but he got butchered after his dutys was done...
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I'm excited: New seines for the ponds!

EQUIPMENT 22 Apr 2015
Ordered a total of 180 foot of seine 12 feet deep. Actually two nets and will join them together with zip ties when seining my biggest pond. The shorter section when detached will be used to harvest fish in my back holding ponds. I didn't see any reason to purchase another seine for the back pond...
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Got an airlift from Zac Penn

EQUIPMENT 21 Apr 2015
Want to compare it to one I build of the Yamabuki type. It's 3 inch so I should get some good flow. Zac has done some serious testing with available data and his seems to do the best job. Look forward to setting it up for the only flow (no water pumps) for my outdoor raft tank. The plan this y...
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Dr Paul Olivier

Hi,   Dr Paul Olivier is a resource management expert…...and one of a relatively small number of people who has the capacity to deal with the world's emerging problems in a coherent way.   This document is a good introduction to the sort of work that Dr Olivier does…..highly recommended...
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radial flow settler components

Hi there,   Looking to build a radial flow settler (RFS) like Paul's shown here.  Anyone have ideas for where I could get an 18" wide 30" long tube or bucket to use as an overflow weir like the one you can see at 2:12?   Also wondering where I could get 1/4" plastic for a trickling...
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Giant Tasmanian Forest Crayfish

Did you know that the largest crayfish…..and the creature with the largest exoskeleton - in the world - is the Giant Tasmanian Forest Crayfish?   Historically, these creatures weighed up to 11kg (about 24lbs).  These days, they are rarely found over 2kg.  They are only found in ver...
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