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If you want to be successful with your aquaponics system, you will need to understand how the nitrogen cycle works. I will explain what the nitrogen cycle is, why it's important, how it progresses and how to ensure it works efficiently in your establis...
We use a lot of acronyms in aquaponics and aquaculture, and this can cause a fair bit of confusion for people who are just starting out. To help make things easier for those new to Aquaponics, we've compiled a list of the most frequently used acronyms,...
Aquaponics is the combination of two well-known food production methods, aquaculture and hydroponics, functioning together in a semi-symbiotic manner. The word "aquaponics" is a word blend, or better stated, a portmanteau that attempts to more precisel...
When it comes to tilapia, there are mouthbrooders and substrate spawners. Within the mouthbrooding tilapia, there are several differences in terms of who (male, female or both) takes care of the eggs and fry. Tilapia (meaning the entire tilapiine cichl...

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Hobby Greenhouse Aquaponics

Made this post to follow my system. I am in Virginia, USA. Feel free to ask about the system.
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Aquaculture Systems Propeller Bead Filter

BUY SWAP or SELL Yesterday, 03:15 PM
I am changing a couple of the filtering components in my system and would like to sell this bead filter.   Put into service in 2009.    $6000 or best offer   comes with computer, both automatic valves, relays and filter itself.   let me know if you have any questions...
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Monsanto's Roundup

LOUNGE AREA 28 May 2015
Hi,   I don't pull on my activist's hat very frequently but I feel strongly about the way that Agribiz conglomerates like Monsanto conduct themselves.     I just signed the petition: "Ban Monsanto’s toxic Roundup herbicide on federal land"....and I'd like you to have the same...
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Hysteria over EPA and Presidential land grab of private w...

LOUNGE AREA 28 May 2015
It seems not:     "We’re finalizing a clean water rule to protect the streams and the wetlands that one in three Americans rely on for drinking water. And we’re doing that without creating any new permitting requirements and maintaining all previous exemptions and exclusions,” EPA...
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Just a little solar-powered, wind-powered egg home.

cool design http://imgur.com/gallery/SOq1A   cheers
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They're not getting the real message….

It seems that the latest bout of bird flu that's doing the rounds of the US is hitting the large cage facilities but not the backyard chicken flocks.     According to this article in Mother Jones, the "experts" are putting it down to bio-security breaches and anything else they can lay...
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Hello from Akron, Ohio

I'm new to Aquaponics and wanted to start somewhere. I currenlty don't have a system but am gathering things as the week progresses. I happen to find a back yard breeder just 30 min away from where I live of Tilapia and has many finglings so I think this will be the choice of fish. I have great e...
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