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If you want to be successful with your aquaponics system, you will need to understand how the nitrogen cycle works. I will explain what the nitrogen cycle is, why it's important, how it progresses and how to ensure it works efficiently in your establis...
We use a lot of acronyms in aquaponics and aquaculture, and this can cause a fair bit of confusion for people who are just starting out. To help make things easier for those new to Aquaponics, we've compiled a list of the most frequently used acronyms,...
Aquaponics is the combination of two well-known food production methods, aquaculture and hydroponics, functioning together in a semi-symbiotic manner. The word "aquaponics" is a word blend, or better stated, a portmanteau that attempts to more precisel...
When it comes to tilapia, there are mouthbrooders and substrate spawners. Within the mouthbrooding tilapia, there are several differences in terms of who (male, female or both) takes care of the eggs and fry. Tilapia (meaning the entire tilapiine cichl...

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Hello from Narrogin Western Australia

WELCOME WAGON Yesterday, 11:41 PM
Hi everyone from Narrogin Western Australia. I have been interested in aquaponics for a number of years now. I have Jade Perch, which really like. I also have Spangled Perch which are my favorite. The only problem is that they are a little small and haven't really been properly domesticated. By t...
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Film Farming : State of Agriculture After Nuclear Fallout

http://m.youtube.com...h?v=vicfxM6O27o Bah, don't know why it's showing hyperlink rather than embedded video. Grrr... trying to post this from my cell phone
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Best use for 250 lbs of horse manure a day

Hey everybody,   We recently bought a horse boarding business. The previous owners solution for the manure was to keep piling it up. We now have a pile the size of a house. We will deal with that. What i need is something to do with the new manure collected each day. We currently have 20 hor...
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Can anyone help me improve my biofilter?

I may have asked the wrong questions. I will start again. I have a rather new system (less than 4 weeks). I have 250 little tilapia (10 cm currently) in an IBC (950 ltr water) with water overflowing with inverted siphon (sucking water from the bottom of IBC) to a Radial Flow Filter (red bucket in...
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How long can bacteria in trickle filter last dry?

I am seriously considering moving from submerged simple biofilter to dry-wet trickle filter, after studying about trickle filter for a while. My only problem is that I am living in an area where there are (not very often) power out. It can last from minutes to one or two hours. I am planning to p...
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mineralization tank

EQUIPMENT 27 Oct 2014
Typically folks use air stones in their mineralization tanks.  I am wondering if one could use a water pump that pulls from the bottom and circulates the water, maybe even using a spray bar of some sort (obviously large holes) to add O2.  The pump would help chop the solids up a bit....
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RFF Maintenance

EQUIPMENT 27 Oct 2014
Hello folks,   I was hoping to get some ideas for effectively flushing out the solids in a RFF. When I had a smaller filter (30 Gal with a 4" pipe inner cylinder), I had a funnel at the bottom connected to a drain. I would flush a few ounces of water a couple of times a day and this would ta...
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Solid filter location in system

I am very new to aquaponics in terms of actually running a system. Since finding this forum I have had what I thought to be standard knowledge and wisdom questioned. This is good. I have no interest in hanging on to ideals only in doing the best I can. I humbly request this statement be evaluate...
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